October 2004 Shirley Meeting 

Houston, Texas


By Betty Shirley

Family Tree DNA was holding their first DNA Conference in Houston, Texas. I decided I would attend to see what I could learn about DNA. This would also give me an opportunity to meet some of the staff, etc. 

Not long after my decision to go to Houston, I decided I should hold a Shirley meeting while I was in Houston as it had been a few years since we were there. So I did both, attended the DNA Conference on Saturday and held a Shirley meeting on Sunday. I flew home Monday morning. 

We had a small group and this gave us time to get acquainted with one another and talk about each one's ancestry in more depth.

It was fantastic to meet a close cousin of my husband's whose grandmother had played a key role in our learning about my husband's ancestry in 1978. We actually had stayed at her grandmother's home on a trip to Paris, Arkansas at the time.

We also met a Jamaican Shirley who lived in the area and was part of the group we had been working with for years.  This was a real treat also.

A few other branches were represented at the meeting and some came just to learn how their family fit into the Shirleys.

We had fun getting acquainted.   

Thank you for coming!

As to the DNA Conference....

Well, the info was mostly over my head. I followed a little, but it is too scientific for me! I won't be going back to any other DNA Conferences, Smile!  It was good to hear the various speakers and put a personality to a person's name we see on the Family Tree DNA website.

It was a good trip and a short trip!