Delbert Leroy 'Jack' Moore

My father

Delbert Moore 


Delbert Moore

Delbert Leroy 'Jack' Moore



   Delbert Leroy Moore


       Bessie and Jack Moore

                                                       (My parents Wedding photo)

Betty (me) and my father Delbert Moore

Betty Moore taken in 1940

Betty Moore

Betty Moore

Betty Moore

Photo taken Nov 16, 1938

Betty Moore 9 years old (1946)


16 years old

Betty Shirley 2003

Betty Shirley 2006

At daughter's birthday party




Nancy Moore  

Nancy Moore

Nancy Moore 8 years old

Nancy Moore in 1956


Nancy Moore 

Nancy Moore


Jerry Moore Wilcox

He was adopted by the Wilcox family when he was an infant

(no children)


Grandchildren of Delbert and Bessie

Methune and John Hively


Doug Todd 

Linda, Doug (Nancy's son), Robert (their son) Betty Shirley (Me) 

Back row: Bobby, Doug, Linda Front row: Amy and Carol Todd


  Grandchildren of Delbert and Bessie

 (Betty's children)

See Guy Murray Shirley page with photo's


Delbert's 2nd marriage


Luana Jean Beekman and Delbert Leroy Moore

February 14, 1944 Compton, California


Luana and Delbert


Luana and Craig Moore age 4 1/2 months

Delbert and Luana separated before Craig was born. Their divorce was final February 1946.


Luana and Craig Moore (Ericson)


Craig in Army uniform before going to Vietnam (1968)


Carol and Craig Moore Ericson

April 18, 1968 


Craig Jr. and Debbie

children of Craig and Carol in 1973


Luana on left, Craig (my half brother) on right and his wife Carol in the center (1995)


Craig and Carol in 2006


Deborah, Dene, Tiara & Justin Kay

(Craig's daughter Debbie) 



Craig Jr, Jill & Devan


Craig Jr. 

Photo taken at the Utah Racquetball Association tournament.  

Craig took 1st place in Open about two-weeks ago (Sept 2008).

Craig died Sept 15, 2008. 

He is the one who found our website and showed his dad.


Luana Moore Ericson 


(grandmother of Craig Jr.) 


Luana and Betty (me)

September 29, 2008

Luana said she would be coming to Northern California on a bus tour to the gold country in September. Her first night was a stop in Merced. We arranged to meet her bus when it pulled in and spend about 30 minutes with her before she joined her tour group for dinner, etc. It was fun meeting her. Mind boggling to think I actually made contact and now I have met her. 


Craig and Carol Moore Ericson and Betty Shirley, half sister to Craig

Photo taken October 18th, 2008 in Las Vegas, NV



Delbert and a gal he lived with. We don't know her name.

Delbert lived with a gal after he and Luana separated. He also lived with a gal before his marriage to Luana and it could be the same person. I think this is a photo of her as it says Delbert and Sue 1953. I do not know for sure her name was Sue as Luana's middle name was Sue. Maybe his relatives put the wrong name on the back of the picture. The time is about right to be the gal he was living with the year before we went to Oakdale, California to find him. The postmistress said they had left the year before (1954) for Kansas.

If you stumble across this website and have any info about her or can add info for my dad, please email me.

Delbert "Jack" Moore


Delbert "Jack" Moore


Delbert Moore

Delbert Moore


Delbert Moore


Delbert Moore