John Bartholomew 

My Mother's Grandfather

John Bartholomew

John Bartholomew Dec 11, 1854 Alexandria, Ohio d. Jun 21, 1941 Fresno, California m. Mary Elizabeth Hayden Aug 21, 1877 Lewiston, Onieda Co.  Illinois. She was born ____ Onieda Co. IL d. Jan 21, 1918 Howard, Kansas. My Great Grandparents  

Standing: Laura, George, Allen, Gilbert and Alfred 

Sitting: Edna, Lily, John, Mary Elizabeth, Anna and Ethel


Mary and John Bartholomew

John and Mary were married in Lewiston Illinois Aug 21, 1877. George Bartholomew and Robert Montgomery were their witnesses. In 1880 John and  Mary went to Bow Creek in Rooks Co. Kansas. They traveled by livery team from Kirwin, Kansas with their son, Allen 'Cy'. John chose 80 acres of land two miles south east of his brother Elam and family. 

John began at once to build a house with Elam's help. The following is from Elam's diary:  We dug down 18 inches on the front and two feet on the back, calculating to build a stone wall on top of the sides of the excavated part and make it 12 X 18 feet inside.......... Rented John eight acres to sow wheat and got father's team of horses to plow.

John and Mary lived with his father George and family until their own house was completed July 16, 1880.

Indians were in the area and Mary was afraid to live there. Eventually they decided to sell their claim and move back to Farmington, Illinois and settled at the "Old House" on Charlie Hall's property. (Charlie was Mary's half brother). 

John and Mary were good Christian people. John had family devotion every morning and every evening. They would sing and Mary would play the piano. All of the children sat very still during this time because John was very strict. Alfred said he was about 3 years old and fell asleep in his little rocking chair during devotion time. John and the family went to bed and left him there in the chair in the blackness of the night. When he awoke, he to find his way to bed.

The Bartholomew's and their neighbor's, the Lovejoy's, took turns having church in their homes on Sundays. One cold day the Lovejoy's filled a tank with water to baptize their children.  The tank was outside the house and the water was cold. John brought his children over and insisted everyone of them had to be baptized.       

In 1901 they rented a farm of 120 acres in Goodhope, Illinois and raised crops. They got a good price that year, 65 cents per bushel for corn and oats. They sold their hogs, horses and cattle. They had about $4000 in cash and went to Butler Co. Kansas where they bought 160 acres. They built a house and lived here until 1904. They moved to West Plains, Missouri  and bought 120 acres and tried faring and didn't do too well. Their daughter, Ethel, died here at 10 years of age. From here they moved to Garden City, Kansas and worked in the sugar beet fields. George and Alfred (my grandfather) slept in Wheat bins. The family stayed in a small house in the country. Later they moved into town. 

Mary took in washing and John later got a job in the sugar factory. 

Alfred found a job in a restaurant in Garden City and later he went to Dodge City, Kansas and worked in another restaurant. After that he and a friend, Bill Campbell, joined the circus  and traveled to Oklahoma. They quit the circus in Muskogee, Oklahoma. They had just gotten paid and Bill was carrying the money. They decided to hop a train and go to Tulsa and get work in the oil fields. Bill made the train but Alfred Stepped on a pebble and lost his balance briefly and was unable to get on the train. There he stood with no money. He hopped a train going in the opposite direction and worked shoveling coal for the firemen. He went to Turon, Kansas and got a job in a restaurant. After awhile he went back to his parent's house. John took Alfred, who was about 15 years old, with him to Morton Co. Kansas to stake another claim. John removed the wheels from the covered wagon and sat the box of the wagon on the ground. He left Alfred there with some food and a small cast iron stove for 10 days while he went back to get the family. Alfred had to burn cow chips to deep warm. It was so cold he almost froze to death.  The stove never got hot enough to do much cooking. Alfred  went a few times to the neighbors, the Carpenter's house, to eat. 

Eventually Alfred went to work at his Uncle Sherman Hall's house in Illinois. While employed there he met his future wife, Effie Pennell, at a picnic.

John and Mary moved to California. They didn't stay long as Mary had problems with her heart and said the climate didn't agree with her and she wanted to go back to Kansas. They lived several places and finally settled in Howard, Elk Co. Kansas. Mary died there in 1918. 

About 1922 John sold his farm and moved back to Fresno California. He bought a 1/2 acre on Tyler Street and had his son Cye (Allen) and Laura (his daughter's) husband, Jason Hubbard, build him a house on the property. John raised a vegetable garden. He was known for his turnips. Neighbors would come and buy them from him. He lived there for several years until he couldn't do for himself. He moved in with Laura and Jason about the mid-30's. He cooked his own breakfast every morning. He had a small pan that he boiled an onion in, added salt and pepper, butter and milk and then he poured it over toast and drank hot tea.  Laura hated the smell. He fixed his breakfast first. Finally she made him wait until after she fixed breakfast and then he could fix his. He stayed to himself most of the time. He would walk five miles a day. He would visit the sick and pass out religious tracts. John attended Bethel Church and the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Fresno. John last attended Calvary Tabernacle. Laura's funeral was held there in 1940. So many people attended that not everyone could get in. He was known everywhere as Daddy Bartholomew. John continued to live at Jason's until his death in 1941. John had problems with his kidneys. His son, Cye (Allen), for some medicine from a Chinese doctor and it was helping him. He got a refill and then decided he wasn't going to take them saying, "what's the use". Shortly after this he died of kidney failure. He is buried in Belmont Memorial Park Cemetery in Fresno, California next to Laura  and Jason, his daughter and her husband. 


1. Alice Bartholomew Aug 21, 1878 d. Dec 26, 1878 IL (infant)  

2. Allen 'Cye' Bartholomew Jan 9,  1880 IL d. Dec 16, 1963 Oakland, CA. Never married.  

Cye Bartholomew

Cye worked as a farm hand in Illinois. He worked about 5 years for his uncle Charlie Hall before going to California with his brother, George, in 1917. In California he worked for Red Mountain Fruit Farm in Owens Valley near Mt. Whitney and later in the oil fields of Coalinga.

He wrote to all his relations how great California was. Alfred (my grandfather) his brother, and family decided to make the move to California if Cye would come back to Illinois and help with the driving. He did and arrived with $1500 in gold coins in his money belt. 

Cye worked as a carpenter in Fresno California for many years.

Note from me... Betty. I remember visiting him when I was quit young (probably about 6 or 7 years old)  in a hospital in Fresno. He had fallen from a ladder and had broken his arm. He was lying there with his arm suspended in the air in traction.  

During the war Cye lived in a hotel in Sunnyvale, California. He worked for years the flower nursery business. 

Note from me...Betty. Our family also lived in Sunnyvale at the same time as Cye was living there. My mother and aunt also worked at this flower nursery. I was in grade school at the time and have fond memories of Uncle Cye visiting us. I was living with my grandma and grandpa, Alfred his brother. I'd come home from school or in from playing and run over and give him a hug and a kiss. He'd whisper in my ear to go over to his jacket (lying on the couch) and I could have what was in his pocket.  Almost always it was a U-NO candy bar and sometimes a package of gum. When he went with us on a  trip to visit relatives or just an afternoon ride, he'd sing to me "goodnight Irene... I'll see you in my dreams". I remember walking with part of the way back to his hotel. He'd stroll along with his hands in his pockets and whistling a little tune. He didn't have a car but would travel by Greyhound bus in those days. 

When he left Sunnyvale he went to live with his sister, Edna, and her family in San Leandro, California. They would go to the mountains or desert on their vacations and holidays to prospect for gold or uranium. Uncle Cye invented several different metal detectors. 

His last years were spent living alone in an old hotel in Oakland California. He ate twice a day. For breakfast he'd have pancakes and at dinner he would have hamburgers. He became sick with pneumonia and was hospitalized for a few days before he died. He is buried in Fresno in the Belmont Memorial Park cemetery also. 

3. Gilbert F. Bartholomew Jan 28, 1882 Rockport, Kansas m. Grace Drusilla Seiver May 14, 1911 Macon, MO

Gilbert left his home in Kansas when he was a young man and went to work for his uncle Charlie Hall in Illinois. There he met a  Mr. Seivers and they teamed up to build hip roof barns. One day Mr. Seivers fell and was killed while they were working on a barn. Gilbert moved into the Seivers home and worked on a farm to help support that family. He later married their daughter, Grace. Some years later they were divorced. Gilbert went to Indianapolis and got a job building steel service stations. Many years later he went to California to see his brother Cye. They were both interested in gold prospecting and enjoyed pursuing this for awhile as a hobby. Grace came to California in the 1950's and they remarried and lived in Brentwood, California. A few years later Dorothy (their daughter in law) came to live and take care of them. After Grace died, Dorothy and Gilbert moved back to Canton, Illinois where Gilbert died.

Note by me...Betty. I didn't know Gilbert very well. I met him a few times. I visited his daughter in law on one of my trips that took me thru her area in Illinois. A couple years later she let me know she had a sale and sold Gilbert's old family albums and photo's. I was very disappointed not to have had an opportunity to purchase them.  


(1). Paul Vernon Bartholomew Dec 13, 1912 Canton, Illinois d. Nov 18, 1964 m. Dorothy Irene Danner Dec 31, 1937

4. George Bartholomew Jan 4, 1884 d. Nov 30, 1966 Glendale, CA (paralytic stroke and hepatitis)  m. Mary Edna Barker Oct 31, 1916 Turon, Kansas. She died Feb 22, 1966 Los Angeles, CA (flu). They are buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California

George Bartholomew


(1). Lyall Lee Bartholomew March 6, 1921 Clovis, CA m. Catherine Elliott Sept 11, 1943 Hutchinson, Kansas

(2). Marjorie Faye Bartholomew April 8, 1924 Sultana, CA  never married 

(3). Carol Marie Bartholomew Dec 17, 1925 San Jose, CA  never married

    Lyall, Catherine, Marjorie, Carol, George and Mary Bartholomew

George met Mary one afternoon in front of her residence. Mrs. Barker sent Mary with a message concerning a small job she wished to interest him in. In a skirt, she attempted to jump across a ditch created by a street construction crew and fell flat at his feet.

After three years of married life they moved to California. The next five years were a series of tragedies. First they were robbed of all their household goods. Next their son became ill with a critical bronchial ailment. They had to leave for Sultana because of his health. The ranch they had purchased and the livestock stripped them of their savings. There was no market for the livestock as it was the time of hoof and mouth disease. They moved to San Jose California where Mary developed a serious eye condition. Upon visiting a specialist and having a series of treatments, she was informed she had come to late to save her eyesight. George and Mary were Christians and had heard of a Divine healing evangelist who would be in the area. They went to the services where because of their faith Mary was healed. The eye specialist laughed at her and said she would be back. The healing last until her death. George and Mary later moved to Mesa, Arizona and built a motel. Marjorie and Carol worked in the first packing house in the city. They were active in church as was George and Mary. Eventually they sold the motel and went to the Holy Land and lived for awhile doing missionary work. After George and Mary died, their children continued doing church and  missionary work in the U.S. and other countries. 

Note by me... Betty. I remember Aunt Mary and Uncle George and their daughters Marjorie and Carol very well. Grandma and Grandpa visited them in Arizona and I got to go also. I remember the motel they were building. It wasn't very fancy but brought in an income. The girls took me to the packing shed and I helped them for a little while and run around the place. Everyone seemed to like talking to me as they worked. I was probably 14 years old. I know I enjoyed the visit. Sometimes they came to visit us in Sunnyvale when they were home from one of their trips over in the Holy Land. I loved hearing about their travels and they traveled a lot after they sold the motel in Arizona. 

Carol, Catherine, Marjorie and Betty (me)

In 1993 I visited Marjorie in Kansas where she retired. Carol her sister had died some years back so she was alone. Marjorie was my favorite cousin. She had such a great fun loving personality. I hated to leave her there to live out her life. I don't know when she died.   

Marjorie Bartholomew and Betty Shirley


5. Lily Bartholomew Oct 16, 1885 d. Dec 3, 1966 Riverside, CA m. 1st Perry Cordell Lyon, m 2nd Charles Elmer Ross Dec 1917 El Dorado, Kansas.

Lily met Perry Lyon while she was teaching at a rural school Northwest of Stockton, Kansas. She was working for her uncle Elam Bartholomew for room and board while teaching. She and Perry married and lived on the Lyon homestead not far from Elam's. Their first child was born there. Later they moved to Clifton, Kansas where Perry build a new house. He was a carpenter by trade. He fell from a scaffold and injured his neck. This seemed to affect his business and eventually he lost the house. They moved to Delta, Colorado where he found work and when the boom was over there was another move to live with Lily's parents in Turon, Kansas.

Lily's brothers, George and Cye, had traveled around the country a lot and had told everyone that California was the garden spot of the U.S. and that many opportunities were there. Lily, Perry, Lester, Phillip, Edna (Lily's sister), John and Mary Elizabeth Bartholomew (the parents) went to California. They worked around Fresno, San Bernardino and Portersville in the fruit harvest. John and Mary Elizabeth, the parents, moved back to Turon, Kansas and a year or two later Lily prevailed upon Perry to move back too. They worked that summer in a cook shack for a man named Bill Lowe. Later Anna Bartholomew (Lily's sister) married him. When Lily's parents moved to Howard, Elk Co. Kansas, Lily and Perry moved there also but Perry couldn't find work. He heard of an oil boom in Tulsa, Oklahoma but Lily wouldn't leave her folks. He went but never came back.

Lily tried running a variety store and later a hat shop but had a bad time with both. She couldn't feed both of her children so let Phillip be adopted by the Newell family. Lester being older didn't require so much care. Later Edna and Lily heard of the oil boom at El Dorado, Kansas area and decided to go. They landed jobs there in a hotel kitchen. Edna met her first husband Lily met her 2nd husband, Charles Ross, there. 

Lily and Charles spent the next eleven years in El Dorado and Eureka, Kansas area. They moved to Wichita in 1928 where they finished raising their family. Charles worked in the oil fields in different capacities from promoter, driller and owner. After Charles death Lily moved to California and lived with her son, John.   

Note by me...Betty.  Aunt Lily was my favorite great aunt.  

Lily Bartholomew


(1). Lester Cordell Lyon Mar 17, 1909 m. Doris Blackburn April 20, 1937 Wichita, Kansas


A. Jacqueline Helen Lyon 

B. Raelee Ann Lyon

(2). Philip Lyon  Dec 24, 1912 d. Jan 7, 1978 (stroke). He was adopted by the NEWELL family when he was 3 years old, m. Dorothy Fletcher July 9, 1949

Philip was in the Signal Corps. He attended Central Radio School in Kansas City, MO. He worded for several airline companies in radio maintenance and retired Jan 1, 1978 after twelve years with Western Airlines. 


A. Linda Lyon

B. Barbara Lyon

C. Kathy Lyon (twin)

D. Kenneth Lyon (twin)

E. Debra Lyon

F. Karen Lyon

G. Elizabeth Lyon

(3). John Clinton Ross Dec 28, 1918, a bathelor who worked for Western Electric for 37 years. During this time he worked for this company in eleven states. He served three years in the armed forces which took him to Europe, England, France, Germany and Scotland. He landed on Normandy Beach 'D+30' and was on the spearhead of Patton's march across France and Germany.

John owned a cafe for awhile, did some professional photography (mostly advertising for magazines). He has served for several years as a Union Representative and the local President for a union covering four states.

After all of this, he moved to California where he joined the Police Reserve at Corona and spent his evenings and weekends doing this for seven years. He retired and lived in New Brighton, MN.

(4).  Charles Ross June 29, 1921 Eureka, Kansas m. 1st. Sarah Close, m. 2nd Phyllis Huff (d. 1977), m. 3rd Jonnie McKelney.

Charles was a piping designer for a nuclear power plant. He worked for thirty years in the aerospace industry as a manufacturing engineer. He and his family lived in Lawrenceville, GA.

Children by 1st wife, Sarah Close

A. Linda Ross m. Duane Burdett They lived in Bloomington CA

B. Dianna m. Larry Roberts. They lived in San Diego, CA

(5). Ralph Ross Nov 6, 1922 Eureka, Kansas m. Frances R. Wile

Ralph was inducted into the Army Sept 11, 1944 and sent overseas into combat. He received both a Purple Heart and a Bronze Medal before returning to civilian life Dec 10, 1945.

He returned to college and earned 50 college units in just one year. Then he went to work in the aerospace industry in California. In May of 1960 he enrolled at Emporia State University in Kansas where he completed 78 units in twenty months. He received a B. S. in Education.

He came back to California in 1962 and he was rehired at North American Aviation, now known as Rockwell International. He worked on the Apollo Man to the Moon project from beginning to completion, on the Soyus Apollo Docking program, on Skylab, and has been in on the Space Shuttle program since its inception. 

Ralph has worked in engineering as administrative staff coordinator and technical artist since 1949. He and his family lived in Long Beach, CA.


A. Douglass B. Ross

(6). Charlene Marie Ross April 1, 1925 Eureka, Kansas  m.1st. Henry Eugene Young, divorced, m. 2nd Rasmus Emil Madsen, divorced in 1955.


A. Allen Dean Young m. Kathryn Owens 

B. Jonnie Vale Madsen m. Debra Kay Ostrander

C. Daniel Ross Madsen m. Maxine Finch

(7). Lee Murry Ross Oct 11, 1926 m. 1st. Elizabeth ___, m. 2nd Victoria Ponte

Lee Murry was a pilot for Eastern Airlines for 28 years. He and his family lived in Gouolds, Florida.


A. Sarah Ross (by Eliz.) 

B. Ravella Ross

C. Rondella Ross

6. Laura Bartholomew Aug 13, 1887 IL d. Jan 8, 1940 Fresno, CA m. Jason Bryan Hubbart 1907. He was born Aug 14, 1869 Iowa and died Oct 18, 1959 Fresno, CA.

Laura met Jason in Mullinville, Kansas while she was teaching school. They married and lived in Turon, Kansas for several years before moving to Fresno, CA. Jason was a carpenter. Both did in Fresno and are buried in Belmont Memorial Park.


(1).  Lloyd Marion Hubert Dec 19, 1907 m.1st. Laura Frances Kelley in 1929, m. 2nd Betty Cox Nov 8, 1839. They lived in Fresno, CA 

Children by Laura

A. Fern Eleanor Hubbart m. Louis R. Cornwell

B. Marian Faye Hubbart m. Renos Hamlin Vandervinter

C. Lois Arlene Hubbart m. James Allen Deel

D. Robert Allen Hubbart m. Geraldine Ora Walter

E. Richard LeRau Hubbart m. Mable Widner

Children by Bety Cox

F. Caroyln Rae Hubbart m. Melton Curtis Morgan 

G. Jack Lloyd Hubbart m. Flelecidd Cendana. She was from the Philippines

H. Janis Ruth Hubbart m. Howard Erdman

I. Wesley Dale Hubbart

(2). Thurlow Hugh Hugh Hubbart Jan 23, 1909 Turon, Kansas m. Phyllis E. Harris. They lived in Fresno, California.

Note by me...Betty.  I knew Thurlow and Phyllis very well. I would call them just about every time I was in Fresno visiting my husband's family. 


A. Virginia L. Hubbart  (not married)

B. Carol M. Hubbart m. Larry Jameson

C. Paul A. Hubbart

D. Ruth Hubbart m. David Shapavalov

(3). Louise Hubbart Aug 5, 1910 Turon, Kansas m. Oscar Allen Kelley


A. Leona Irene Kelley m. William Samuel Sherman

B. Stanley Phillip Kelley m. Momoyo Nakamoto

C. Roy Eugene Kelley m. Sharon Cable

D. Barbara Jena Kelley m. 1st William Oriay, m. 2nd John Paul Coker

E. David Leon Kelley never married. He was killed in a car accident and buried in Fresno, CA.

(4). Lucille Hubbart May 2, 1912 Liberal, Kansas m. Thomas Charles Dick June 8, 1932. He was born July 3, 1912 Willow Ranch, California.

Lucille taught school in Turon Kansas before she married. She came to California in 1920 with her parents.  


A. James Thomas Dick m. Helen Marie Dunlap

(5). Clifford Woodrow Hubbart Jan 18, 1914 Liberal, Kansas m. Dorothy Louise Hilliard Dec 14, 1935. She was born July 24, 1917 Tulare, California


A. Nancy Lee Hubbart m. Howard Loder

B. Clifford William Hubbart m. Jeanettle Beatrice Wedel

(6). Jason Carwin Hubbart April 3, 1916 Liberal, Kansas m. Jean Robinson Aug 6, 1938 San Luis Obispo, California


A. Alan Lee Hubbart m. Margaret Joanna Wons

B. Linda Jean Hubbart (not married) She Taught piano in California

C. Renee Diana Hubbart (not married) She taught school

(7). Wayland Victor Hubbart Aug 6, 1920 Liberal, Kansas d. Feb 26, 1956 of leukemia, m. Lindell Corbette April 26, 1941 Carson City. Nevada.

He was a Merchant Seaman from 1944 until his death.


A. Wayland Michael Hubbart m. Jean Kellison Woods.

He received his B.A. in Math from Fresno State College in 1964. M.A. from Fresno State in 1966, Ph. D. from University of Oregon in 1969.

B. Douglass Richard Hubbart m. Gretchen Gail Christiansen

He received a B.A. in Political Science in 1965 from Fresno State, M.A. in 1966.

(8). Ruth Hubbart Nov 4, 1926 m. Bill Sheldon

No children

7. Anna Bartholomew July 26, 1889 d. Jan 12, 1929 Jetmore, Kansas m. Bill Low

Anna attended nursing school in St. Louis, Missouri and quit because she didn't like it. She and her sister Edna, went to Turon Kansas to visit their sister Laura and her husband Jason. There Anna met Bill Lowe and married him. Bill owned a thrashing machine and was hired by the local farmers to thrash their wheat. Anna cooked for the gang in a wagon fixed into a kitchen. It was a portable cook shack.   

Anna died while living in Jetmore. She was expecting a baby and became ill with the flu and died.


(1).  Ruth Eloise Lowe Oct 27, 1919 Jetmore, Kansas m. William Gysin who is a Colonel and they lived Wyoming, Michigan


A. Janice Lynn Gysin m. Timothy Lyle Burcoff

B. Judith Kay Gysin

C. William David Gysin

(2). Mary Elizabeth Lowe m. Roy Batozech

She attended Junior  College in Dodge City, Kansas for two years, joined the Waves for three years, continued college for another four years on the G I Bill to get a degree in Public Health Nursing. She worked as a Staff nurse in the County Health Department in Joliet.


A. Paul Batozech

B. Ann Batozech

C. Jeff Batozech    

(3). David Lowe May 16, 1925 Dodge City, Kansas m. 1st Jeanette Andersen M. 2md Geraldine Swanson.

He was a Captain in the Marines during WWII and Korea. He worked as a salesman for a printing brokerage firm in Santa Barbara, California.


A. William Lowe m. Lynne (mother was Jeanette)

B. Michelle Low (mother was Geraldine)

(4). Geneva Lowe July 19, 1927 Dodge City, Kansas m. Robert McClelland Berg. He was production manager at A.V. Electronics Language Lab Manufacturers and she worked for a travel Agency. They lived in Fresno, CA

No children

8. Alfred Bartholomew June 8,  1890 Warren Co. Illinois d. _____  m. Effie Pennell Sept 11, 1911 Lewiston, Illinois  My Grandparents  GO TO PENNELL PAGE FOR FAMILY INFO  


(1). Winifred Bartholomew Dec 5, 1912 IL d. Feb 2, 1987 Stockton, CA m. 1st William 'Bill' Neely, m. 2nd Edward Rendell.

No children by either marriage

(2). Bessie Bartholomew July 2, 1916 IL d. ___ m. 1st Delbert Leroy Moore Feb 3, 1936, (divorced) My Parents    SEE ‘MOORE’ FAMILY PAGE FOR INFO,  m. 2nd Warren Fleming 'Tommy' Tompkins May 5, 1946   


A. Betty Mae Moore

B. Nancy Carol Moore b. June 3, 1938 d. May 15, 1976 Jacksonville, FL (Cancer) m. Marvin Robert Todd  

C. Jerry Moore Wilcox (he was adopted by the Wilcox family at an early age)

D. David William Tompkins m. Carolyn 'Reneau' Blankenship

(3). Esther Bartholomew April 5, 1920 d. Mar 5, 1998 Mt. View. CA  (Pneumonia) m. Maurice Atkins June 22, 1946 divorced  


A. Arnold Lee Atkins

B. Arlene Camile Atkins

C. Laurence David Atkins Mar 4, 1956 d. Mar __ 1956

D. Loren Steven Atkins  

9. Lawrence Bartholomew Aug 17, 1893 d. Feb 12, 1894 Illinois

10. Ethel Bartholomew Feb 1, 1895 McDonough Co. Illinois (twins) d. Feb 7, 1905 (young)  

11. Edna Bartholomew Feb 1, 1895 McDonough Co. Illinois (twins) m. 1st. Jack Hogan, SEE PHOTO BELOW, m. 2nd Perley Albert McDonald Sept 24, 1923. He was born Feb 16, 1895 d. Oct 30, 1972 Santa Rosa, California.

Note by me... Betty. I was around aunt Edna and uncle Perley more than any of the other aunts and uncles. One Sunday afternoon we drove to San Leandro to pay them a visit. I was probably about 6 or 7 years old. Grandma and Grandpa said I should stay in the car and not come in as uncle Perley was having fits. I am sure now that I am older that they meant his arthritis or something like that.  To me I envisioned he was all over the place, maybe in the floor rolling around. I thought that was what a fit was. 

My grandparents and I went with them camping many many times. Grandpa and uncle Perle liked to deer hunt. I remember one time when I was very young, probably about 6 or 7, we went deer hunting back on a road in the mountains at night and was going to climb this hill to get to the camp. The road was so steep that the car didn't want to go. I was so scared as they were trying to get the car to go up the hill.  They were afraid the car was going to go backwards off over the side of the hill. We had to get out of the car as they worked it past this problem area. We finally made it but there was a lot of excitement in trying.    


(1). Clyde Hogan d. young and is buried in Humbolt, Kansas

(2). Dale Monroe McDonald Oct 20, 1925 Fresno, CA m. Gladys 'June' Willis


A. Kevin Edward McDonald m. Beth McMillin

B. Trudence Lynn McDonald

(3). Verna Maurine McDonald May 12, 1927 m. Arol Clayton McDonald (cousin)


A. LuJuanna Maurine McDonald

12. Alametha Bartholomew July 30, 1897 d. Aug 12, 1897 (infant)


Jack Hogan and Edna Bartholomew 


L-R back row: Dale McDonald, son of Edna and Perley, Alfred Bartholomew, Perley McDonald

front row: Esther, daughter of Alfred and Effie Bartholomew, Effie Pennell Bartholomew and Edna McDonald