Childhood Memories of our  Bartholomew Relatives

 This will be an on going page as I add to it from my memories from time to time

My grandparents: Alfred and Effie (Pennell) Bartholomew

I have a few memories posted on the John Bartholomew page and will leave those there.

I lived with my grandparents for most of my life before I married. Any Bartholomew contacts would be because I was with them when ever they traveled to visit their relatives or I was living in their home when their relatives came to visit.


My parents moved from Stockton, California to Bell (Los Angeles area), California where I was born. Grandpa's sister, Aunt Edna and her husband Uncle Perle were living there. They fixed their garage into living quarters and my parents were living there when I was born. 

I was my grandparent's first grandchild and I was born on my grandmother's birthday.


My grandpa loved to hunt and fish. I went camping with them many, many times. I had no one to play with. They had a cocker spaniel and we were friends. They would bring her camping with us and I played with her as though she was a person. I had her sit in a chair, I preached to her, had tea parties with her, we went walking together and she was my friend I could talk to.


My grandparents were good Christian people. We were at church every Sunday morning and Sunday evening for services. We attended all Revivals in our church, Wed. night prayer meeting, etc. We also attended other churches when they had Revivals or special programs we wanted to see. That was our life! It was a good life. I wouldn't change it for anything. My friends were the kids at church. When I became a teenager we'd go on Sunday afternoon to the old folks home to sing and talk to them. They loved it when us young people came and paid them attention. We visited those in the hospital as well. 

I remember when I was young hearing my grandparents tell about driving down to Angelus Temple in Los Angeles to hear Aimme Semple McPherson preach. (This was before I was born). She was very well known in her time. She actually founded the Foursquare Church. I see there is a website about her and I will give the link here if you would like know more about her.


When I was a child, my grandparents would drive to Stockton from Sunnyvale to visit their daughter, Winifred and her husband on a Saturday. I always enjoyed that. We often went to the Chinese Restaurant in Stockton to eat when we came into town. Sometimes Winifred would cook up a fantastic meal. She didn't cook like grandma. Her selections were more creative. Yum, just thinking about it. Grandma was a very good cook too! Don't get me wrong. She cooked more like the old farm days. Winifred used recipes from magazines. It might be a dish that just won an award in a competition.

I will add more later.......