November 1990 Shirley Meeting

Phoenix, Arizona

By Betty Shirley

The Shirley meeting in Phoenix was scheduled for November 3rd. Hugh Shirley, son of Major John Shirley who owns Ettington in England and Lough Fea in Ireland,  was here for a visit with our family. We made plans to take him to Southern California for a visit to the ship Queen Mary, Disneyland, Universal Studio, Grand Canyon and Las Vegas on our way to Phoenix. He flew home to England from the Phoenix airport and left the morning of our meeting.

Our hosts, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Shirley, opened their home on Friday evening to Shirleys to come and meet Hugh. The food was yummy!  It was a full house and we enjoyed meeting many Shirley's who we had never met before. Joe has a lovely home with gardens that has been featured in Sunset and other magazines. 

We shared the story of the early Shirleys in England and early America and we had the opportunity to learn about the ancestors of those attending the Shirley gathering.

Barbara, my husband and I left after the Saturday meeting and drove all night arriving home about 3-4 AM.        

Thank you to those who were able to come to this Shirley meeting.