October 1987 Shirley Meeting 

Anaheim, California

By Betty Shirley

What a week-end to go to Los Angeles! Did anyone think about us being there when the earthquakes hit? Barbara, my niece, and I were there for the one that hit on Sunday morning just before 4 AM. 

Let me back up for a minute. On Thursday Barbara called me and asked if I was listening to the TV. She said there had been an earthquake and wanted to know if I still wanted to go. I said I would go and asked her if she was backing out. She paused a minute and then said she would go. 

On the drive to Southern California I kidded with her about earthquakes. When we arrived and checked into our hotel, we turned on the news. They were talking about preparations to make in case of another quake. We placed our flashlight beside the bed, also our purses just in case.

On Saturday night after the meeting, we prepared again for bed and placed the flashlight and purses by the bed. I said, so far so good. Then we realized we had not decided where to protect ourselves in the motel room if another quake hit. There were windows and mirrors but no place except under the desk or between the beds. So we agreed between the beds. Our plan would be to pull a mattress over us to protect us from anything falling.

About 3:30 AM I became restless and slept lightly from the then until the quake at 4 AM. I thought at first that my husband had bumped the bed as he walked by. Then it dawned on me that I was in Los Angeles and that it was probably Barbara walking by the bed. Then it occurred to me in a flash that is was an earthquake. I sat up and told Barbara it is an earthquake, hit the deck!!! I like a good girl did just that. She stood between the beds waiting to see if it was going to be a bad one. I couldn't believe she was just standing there. The quake was over and we looked outside. The swimming pool was just outside our door and it was moving back and forth splashing out of the pool just a little bit. After breakfast we headed home to Northern California.

The meeting on Saturday was great!  We met Barbara Helfrich and Jean Clark who went to England with us in 1986 and greeted Shirleys who we have corresponded with but had not had the pleasure of meeting.

Our Thanks to all for attending the meeting.


Top is Hotel with view from door of our room and the swimming pool with waves during earthquake!

Lower photo is of John Shirley who rides this bicycle in parades, etc.

(John is from branch #25, New Hampshire group)