Our Shirley Family Reunion June 6th, 2009


Owen Parmer and Millie Shirley Family Reunion

Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the death of Millie in an automobile accident June 8th, 1959

June 8th, 1959 four members of our family were killed in an automobile accident. The Volkswagen is pictured here. Our niece, her three children and grandma Millie Shirley was run over by a school bus. The sun blinded the driver. Grandma was holding the 6 week old son of Pauline. Leona, daughter of Pauline, was also  killed. One other daughter, Cathy, was found wondering around near a ditch without serious injury. She was about 3 years old and was the only survivor of the accident. A very tough time for our Shirley family!


Group photo of Owen Parmer and Millie Shirley's Descendants


Grandchildren of Owen Parmer and Millie Shirley

(First Cousins)


Great grandchildren of Owen Parmer and Millie Shirley

(Second Cousins)


Great Great Grandchildren of Owen Parmer and Millie Shirley

(Third Cousins)


Owen Parmer and Millie Shirley's

Children's children:


Lynn's descendants


Opal's daughter, Shirley and husband Dick Simon


Winford "Pete's"  Descendants


Mildred's Descendants and family friend


Ila's Descendants and husband, Bob Kaster


Vernon's Descendants and his wife, Evelyn


Guy and Betty's Descendants



Guy and Betty Shirley


Guy is the only surviving child of Owen Parmer and Millie Shirley


Barbara Shirley

My niece


Evelyn Shirley

My sister-in-law


Curt and Dale Shirley

(Curt is Evelyn's oldest Son and Dale is our only son)

First cousins


Dale Shirley, Jr with his dad

Our grandson and the only one to carry on the Shirley name for our family. Dale, Jr has two daughters, so this could be the end of the Shirley name in our (Guy's) family!

Dale Jr and his wife, Leyla, took over 400 photo's at the reunion! If you want to see them here is the link!



Delaine and Chris

My daughter and her husband planned this event and worked for months on the theme, decorations and games to make this a special reunion.

Mark and Chris BBQing


Here it comes! Time to eat!


In the kitchen


Decoration Prop


Food Table



Daughter of Delaine and Chris and my granddaughter. She kept the games and entertainment going for the kids. They did some arts and crafts, bobbed for apples, played the piņata game, Frog jumping contest Western shooting games, etc. Kids had a great time! 




Ronald Shirley

Husband of Pauline who was killed in the automobile accident June 8th, 1959




L-R: Evelyn, my sister-in-law, Dorene, my daughter, Selinda, my daughter-in-law and wife of Dale Sr. and Verla with back to camera, daughter of Evelyn


Lonnie and daughter, Brooklyn

my grandson, son of Dorene


Lorene, my granddaughter on right. 

Sister of Lonnie and daughter of Dorene

Notice the ranch house which was perfect for our Western theme family reunion! Weather was perfect too!

A closer view of the side of the ranch house


Mark Pare talking about memories of our Shirleys

Don't you love his hat?


    Group under the tree listening to stories about the Shirleys


Donna and her grandchildren Madison and Jack

Donna is our eldest daughter

On left: Cathy and her husband, Darrell

Cathy survived the automobile accident June 8th, 1959

On right: Jason carrying daughter, Samantha, and his wife, Mandy 

Jason is the son of Donna and our grandson


Our youngest daughter, drinking lemon aide from a fruit jar.

Ice tea was the other beverage served in fruit jars and we had plenty of Root Beer to drink. We ate out of pie tins and had way too much food and desserts so we sent food packages home with several...smile! 


Cody and his father, Danny

Debbie's son and her husband

Debbie, Danny and Cody worked very hard and early in the morning too! They drove over from the Santa Cruz area after buying $35 worth of ice for us first. Then they moved the heavy tables and decorated them.  



My grandson and son of Delaine



daughter of Evelyn

She saw we needed help and she jumped right in. She made the difference in getting things on the table and the clean up afterwards.  She is a hard worker and we appreciate her help! We wouldn't have make it on time without her help!

Evelyn and her sons, Carl on left and Curt on right


Lorene and her son JJ

Daughter of Dorene and my granddaughter


Hannah and Haley

My great granddaughters,  Dale and Lelya's girls


Cody playing horse shoes


One of three photo displays


In Memory of Millie Haley Shirley


Guy Shirley

My husband 77 years old

Last surviving child of Owen and Parmer Shirley