Pettigrew Family says:

Harvell Pettigrew and died abt. 1857 Texas, m. Millie Ann and no last name. One source says her maiden name was Leman or Leiman. She was born Nov 1, 1836 TN d. May 2, 1919 Washburn Twp, Logan Co. AR and buried in Harvell Cemetery, Logan Co. AR 

In 1860 Logan County Census (Prairie Township), Millie is listed as a widow. Land Records show she owned 69.77 acres in Chismville


1. Eliza Jane Pettigrew July 4, 1855 Texas d. Feb 25, 1933 Washburn Twp, Logan Co. AR of partial paralysis due to Hypertension-pneumonia. . She attended the Southern Baptist Church at Mt. Olive School about 3 miles east of Chismville, Logan Co. AR. She married John Monroe Lee 1872 Washburn, Logan Co. AR. He was born Mar 22,1851 in Newburg, Franklin Co. Alabama, died Feb 11, 1926 Logan, Arkansas. Both are buried in the Harvell Cemetery near Friendship, Logan Co. AR 

Eliza Pettigrew Lee and family

(She is sitting in the middle)


(1). Millie Ann Lee July 20, 1872 Six Mile, Logan Co. AR

(2). Mary Elizabeth Lee Jan 27, 1874 Logan Co. AR

(3). Robert Neal Lee Feb 12, 1875 Six Mile, Logan Co. AR m. Lula Belle Harper Aug 29, 1897 Chismville, Logan Co. AR. She was b. April 1, 1880 Chismville d. June 1976 Dermott, Chicot Co. AR


A. Hillman Right Lee Nov 2, 1900 Chismville, Logan Co. AR d. Nov 21, 1999 Orange, Orange Co. California

B. Omer Edmond Lee Dec 5, 1902 Chismville, Logan Co. AR  d. May 25, 1984 Muskogee, Muskogee, Oklahoma

C. John Fred Lee Jan 26, 1906 Chismville, Logan Co. AR. d. Dec 29, 1995 West Covina, Los Angeles, California


Millie Ann Pettigrew & her Great-grandson John Fred Lee 1906


(4). Margaret Adaline Lee Dec 29, 1876 Six Mile, Logan Co. AR

(5). Evaline Lee Aug 20, 1881 Washburn, Logan Co. AR

(6). William A. Lee Mar 5, 1885 Washburn, Logan Co. AR

(7). Harriet Calfurnia Lee b. June14, 1887 Six Mile, Logan Co. AR d. Mar 30, 1930 m. Martin Luther Barnard on July 19, 1906 b. Aug  26, 1886 in near Chismville, Logan County, Arkansas. 

(8). Joseph Emery Lee Aug 10, 1889 Washburn, Logan Co. AR

(9). James Wesley Lee Nov 27, 1890 Washburn, Logan Co. AR m. Millie Ethel Shirley, daughter of Silas Shirley of Logan Co. AR. (photo's below)...


A. Vernon Lee m. La Verne Stubblefield

(10). Ella Jane Lee April 9, 1894 Washburn, Logan Co. AR


Millie Ethel Shirley Lee


Vernon Lee 

(son of James W. and Millie Ethel Lee) 


Standing L-R: Vernon Lee and his wife, LaVerne

Sitting L-R: James Wesley Lee and his wife, Millie Ethel Shirley


2. Mary F. Pettigrew b. abt 1854 Missouri d. Sept 21, 1879 Ratcliff, Logan Co. AR (childbirth), buried Harvell Cemetery, Logan Co. AR m. Christopher Columbus Barnard.


(1). Infant son died at birth Sept 21, 1879, buried at Harvell Cemetary

3. Nancy Pettigrew 1855

4. John Neel Pettigrew Sept 12, 1857 Chismville, Logan Co. AR d. Dec 11, 1896 m. Mary Catherine Chancellor Feb 8, 1885 Chismville. She was b. Jan 28, 1868 d. Aug 14, 1899.

The family moved to Scyene Texas (Mesquite) in 1893, coming in covered wagon from Chismville. Family history says that the move was caused by a dam built on Harvell, or Pettigrew land that made farming impossible. Tax Records show for years 1893-1894-1895-property owned for tax purposes, doubled and that the family was farming

John Neel Pettigrew died in 1896 in Palo Pinto Co. Texas without a will. In the 1897 probate packet from Dallas, his property was determined to be a value of $1600.00 of which his wife received $750.00 (with her new husband), and the children were given trust accts and a guardian to oversee the money. The wife, Mary Catherine Chancellor, died in 1899 of tuberculosis. Her new husband, Charles Hudgins, disappeared and there is no further information. The children went to live with a foster care family who beat the children and abused them. The two boys ran away from home at the ages of 9 and 12, jumping on a train, passing through  town. The 2 daughters stayed with the foster family and evidently had their money stolen and lived as virtual slaves until age of marriage.


(1). Minnie Ellen Pettigrew June 11, 1886 d. Feb 28, 1887

(2). Millie Betty Pettigrew Feb 26, 1889 d. Aug 4, 1969 m. Hodges, parents of 7 children

(3). Christopher Columbus Pettigrew May 24, 1891 d. Mar 21, 1911

(4). Baby b. and d. Dec 7, 1892

(5). Silas Neal Pettigrew May 24, 1894 d. Jan 1, 1983 m. Ellie Lee Swaim April 24, 1897


A. Ima Marie Pettigrew Oct 29, 1916

B. Wesley Pettigrew May 20, 1918

C. Ella Inez Pettigrew May 31,1920 Arlington, Tarrant Co. Texas

D. Charles Ray Pettigrew May 19, 1922

E. Claude Owen Pettigrew Jan 14, 1924 

(6). Evaline Pettigrew Mar 1, 1897 d. Dec 25, 1927