Woodlief surname

James W. Woodlief  ‘Ransom’ b. ca. 1878 m. Eva M. ____, b. ca. 1884 NC (I see in the census there is also another Ransom Woodlief not to be confused with this James) 


1. Nerius (or Nerrus) Woodlief 1903 NC 

2. Marvin Woodlief Sept 23, 1907 d. Aug 1971 North Carolina m. Gladys McCasland 


(1). Pete Woodlief m. Faith Waltrip    SEE WALTRIP INFO BELOW


A. Lonnie Woodlief, (twin), m. Dorene Shirley


(a). Lorene Woodlief

(b). Lonnie Woodlief, Jr.

B. Donnie Woodlief (twin)

C. Shawna Woodlief

D. Darla Woodlief m. Dale Shirley (brother of Dorene)


(a). Dale Shirley, Jr. 

3. Violet Woodlief 1910 NC

NOTE: In 1900 census James Woodlief was living in Durham Co. North Carolina

In  1920 census in Durham Co. NC census. James Woodlief used Ransom Woodlief as his name in this census. The other family names were the same in that census.

In 1930 census Eva M. Woodlief was the head of house in Durham Co. NC. Nerius/Nerrus Woodlief was not in the household. A grandchild Lacey R. Woodlief was listed in the household.




Luke Waltrip b. ca 1734 King William Co. VA d. Mar 12, 1820 Wrights Town, Greene Co. Illiniois m. Mary Bunton d. 1791 Greene Co. Illinois 


1. Zachariah Waltrip Nov 4, 1769 Halifax Co. VA 

2. William Waltrip Aug 1, 1776 Halifax Co. VA 

3 Luke Waltrip 1779 Halifax Co. VA d. 1845 MO, m. Susannah Fentress July 13, 1812 Breckenridge Co. KY. She was born 1795 Albermarle Co. VA d. 1837 Washington Co. Arkansas


(1). James Waltrip June 7, 1813 Hardinsburg, Breckinridge Co. KY SEE INFO BELOW

(2). Martha Waltrip

(3). Lucinda Waltrip Aug 10, 1815 Breckenridge Co. KY

(4). Elijah Waltrip

(5). Polly Ann Waltrip

(6). Susan Waltrip

(7). Elizabeth Waltrip

(8). Valentine Waltrip June 30, 1828 Greene Co. IL

(9). Luke Waltrip 1830

4. Sarah Ann Waltrip April 5, 1785 Halifax Co. VA 

5. Mary Waltrip April 5, 1787 Halifax Co. VA 

6. Michael Waltrip Feb 17, 1788 Halifax Co. VA


(1). James Waltrip June 7, 1813 Hardinsburg, Breckinridge Co. KY d. May 26, 1890 Watsonville, Santa Cruz Co. California m. Nancy Lucinda Oxford 1834 Washington Co. Arkansas. She was born Sept 20, 1921 Dukedom, Weakley Co. Tennessee d. Oct 1, 1902 Watsonville, Santa Cruz Co. California.



A. Nancy A. Waltrip 1834 Prairie Twp, Washington Co. AR

B. Malvina Waltrip Oct 27, 1835 Prairie Twp, Washington Co. AR

C. Nathaniel Waltrip 1838 Prairie Twp, Washington Co, AR

D. Mary Waltrip April 1841 Fayetteville, Washington Co. AR

E. John R. Waltrip Aug 1846 Prairie Twp, Washington Co. AR

F. Willis Franklin Waltrip Feb 27,  1849 Fayetteville, Washington Co. AR

G. James Abraham Waltrip 1851 Prairie Twp, Washington Co. AR m. Ellen Leslie


(a). Louise Waltrip

(b). William Floyd Waltrip 1895 MO d. June 26, 1964 San Jose, California m. Schirildia Rose Keith. (parents of Faith, grandfather of Darla and Lonnie, great grandfather of Dale Shirley, Jr. and Lonnie Woodlief, Jr. ) Schirildia was born Feb 22, 1905 Arkansas d. Nov 23, 1973 San Jose, California

(c). Maria Waltrip

(d). Leonard Waltrip

H. Elizabeth Waltrip 1853 Washington, Washington Co. AR

I. Martha Waltrip 1858 Capps Creek, Barry Co. Missouri

J. Elijah Green Waltrip Oct 1863 Capps Creek, Barry Co. MO



Samuel Oxford Jan 4, 1742 Over Wharton, Stafford Co. VA d. Mar 24, 1811 Morgan, Lincoln Co. North Carolina m. Bathsheba Barrett in Tryon, Polk Co. North Carolina. She was born Jan 4, 1741 Rowan Co. NC d. Aug 22, 1816 Lincoln Co. NC


1. Elizabeth Oxford

2. Samuel Oxford

3. Nancy Oxford

4. William M. Oxford

5. Jonathon Oxford Aug 6, 1772 Burke Co. NC

6. Bathsheba Caroline Oxford Nov 4, 1774 Lincoln, Burke Co. NC

7. Isaac Oxford

8. Jacob B. Oxford

9. Mary Ann Oxford

10. Abel Oxford 1780 Rowan Co. North Carolina d. Dec 25, 1850 Goshen, Washington Co. Arkansas m. Edith Rogers Dec 25, 1800 Ashville, Buncombe, North Carolina. She died abt 1850 Oxford Bend, Washington Co, Arkansas SEE BELOW FOR ROGERS INFO


(1). Jacob M. Oxford Dec 28, 1801 Buncombe Co. NC

(2). John Oxford Feb 14, 1804 Buncombe Co. NC

(3). Samuel Oxford

(4). Lavina Oxford May 15, 1806 Buncombe Co. NC

(5). Thomas Oxford May 15, 1806 (twins?)

(6). William Claiborn Oxford Mar 6, 1808 Buncombe Co. NC

(7). Elizabeth Oxford Mar 28, 1811 Giles Co. Tennessee

(8). Barry Hill Oxford Nov 17, 1813 Giles Co. Tennessee

(9). James Madison Oxford Mar 25, 1816 Giles Co. Tennesse

(10). Margaret Oxford 1819 TN

(11). E. Oxford April 1821

(12). Nancy Lucinda Oxford Sept 20, 1821 Dukedom, Weakley Co. TN




Giles Rogers 1643 Edinburgh Scotland d. 1730 Dunkirk, King and Queen Co. VA m. Sarah Iverson 1672 Worcester, England. She was born 1650 Worcester England d. 1748 King and Queen Co. VA


1. Giles Rogers 1673 Worcestershire, Englad

2. Lucy Rogers 1675 Worcestershire, England

3. Peter Rogers 1677 Worcestershire, England d. July 1724 Dunkirk, Kind and Queen Co. VA m. Mary Armistead 1695 Dunkirk, King and Queen Co. VA. She was born abt 1680 Hesse, Gloucester Co. VA d. abt. 1724 King and Queen Co. VA

Children: all born King and Queen Co. VA

(1). Peter Rogers 1696 Dunkirk, King and Queen Co. VA d. 1785 Halifax Co. VA m. Elizabeth  (Rogers? it says)


A. Mary Rogers

B. Matthew Rogers

C. William Rogers 

D. Peter Rogers

E. John J. Rogers

F. Elizabeth Rogers

G. George Rogers 1740 Buncombe Co. NC d. 1810 Buncombe Co. NC m. Elizabeth Lawson 1760 Charlottesville, Virginia. She was born 1738 Charlottesville, VA and died 1841 Clay Co. Kentucky.


(a). William Rogers

(b). Nathaniel Rogers

(c). Bartlett Rogers 1771 Buncombe Co. North Carolina

(d). Mollie Rogers

(e). Leanor Rogers

(f). Rosanna Rogers

(g). Elizabeth Burlesors Rogers

(h). Edith Rogers m. Abel Oxford who wasa born 1780 Rowan Co. North Carolina d. Dec 25, 1850 Goshen, Washington Co. Arkansas SEE OXFORD INFO ABOVE

(i). George Rogers

(J). Christenor Rogers  Dec 25, 1792 Buncombe Co. North Caroline

H. Barbara Rogers

I. Sallie Rogers

J. Mary Rogers

K. Henrietta Rogers

L. Hester Rogers

M. Armistead Rogers

(2). Jonathan Rogers

(3). Armistead Rogers

(4). Joseph Rogers

(5). Thomas Rogers

(6). Abraham Rogers

(7). John Rogers

(8). William Rogers

4. John 1680 Chesapeck Bay, Rappahannock Co. VA

5. Rachel Rogers 1683 New Kent Co. VA

6. Mary Ann Rogers 1687 New Kent Co. VA