Haley Family

William L. Haley b. abt. 1815 in Randolph Co. North Carolina, m. Sarah J. Brookshire Nov 17, 1838 Randolph Co. NC 


1. Thomas Wesley Haley b. abt 1845 MO

2. Narcissa Melissa Haley b. Mar 1847 MO

3. Emily O. Haley b. abt 1848 MO

4. Armitta Haley b. abt 1851 MO 

5. Martha Haley b. abt 1853 MO

6. William Haley b. abt 1855 MO

7. Sarah E. Haley b. April 1859 MO

8. Alice Haley b. abt 1861 MO 

9. James M. Haley b. abt 1864 TN married Nancy Harville Oct 15, 1884 Chismville, Logan Co. Arkansas. She was born 1869 AR. Nancy died 1891 in childbirth. James died about 1895-96.

NOTE: Year: 1870 Census Roll M593 Name: James M. Haley Birth Date: abt 1863 Birth Place: Tennessee Residence Place in 1870: District 7, Weakley, Tennessee

He married again, wife not known, and had a son James Haley. After James' death the widow took her son and went to Oklahoma and was never heard from again according to Charles Emery Haley.

Searching  for James Haley, son. There are two possibilites:

James Haley Sept 16, 1896 AR d. Dec 1971 Santa Barbara, CA  

James Haley Jan 1896 d. Feb 1965 OK 


(1). Gertrude Haley b. Dec 1884 AR m. William N. Bynum abt 1911. He worked for the railroad company locating lost box cars.  

Gertrude Haley

Gertie Haley lived with Millie Ann Harville for years and then with Eliza Jane Pettigrew Lee for awhile. 

(2). Charles Emery Haley 1887 Logan Co. died 1915 (cancer of the leg), m. Virginia ' Krickett' Ellis Jan 2, 1909.  She was born Jan 31, 1890 Perryville, Perry Co. AR. died Nov 18, 1963 Merced, California. She married 2nd William Clayton 'Clint' Heafner Feb 3, 1919 (parents of Aubrey Burl, R.J. and Veonia Jo Heafner)

Charles had a half brother, Jim. When grandpa Haley died Charles' step-mother took Jim and went to Oklahoma and was never heard from again. She abandoned Charles and his sister's Millie and Gertrude. 

Charles had an uncle Dick who took him into the mountains about 30 miles away from home and dumped him out. He managed to find his way home with a broken leg. He was taken in by a doctor and treated for his broken leg. He got around on crutches while his leg was healing. About the time the leg began to heal, he broke it again. He stayed with the doctor until he discovered he didn't like going to school. At the age of 10-12 he went to live with a man named Oscar Clemm and stayed with him until he married Kricket Ellis. 

(see photo below)


A. Millie Ocee Haley June 24, 1911 Paris, Logan Co. AR m.1st Burnie Lawson Joiner Nov 5, 1932 Lake Village, AR (divorced) m. 2nd Charles Emmett  Nov 8, 1958 Reno, Nevada (divorced)

Mildred Haley Emmett


(a). Burnie Lawson, Jr. 

(b). Thomas Everette Lawson

B. Jewel Haley died infant

C. Athel Lafayette 'Eack' Haley April 26, 1914 Ratcliff, AR m. Mildred Ann Willey Jan 13, 1940 Reno, Nevada 

Children:  (live in Oakdale, California)

(a). Wayne Edward Haley

(b). Charles Earnest Haley

(c). Jimmy Wesley Haley

(e). William Clayton Haley

(f). Keith Laffate Haley 

D. Charles Emily 'Dick' Haley born Nov 5, 1915 Paris, Logan Co. AR   (His father died when Kricket was expecting Charles), m. Gerite Fay Elizabeth Herron May 28, 1942 Hamburg, AR.


(a). William Emery Haley

(b). Emily Elizabeth Haley

(c). Charles Allen Haley



Charles Emery Haley


(3). Millie Johnson 'Kate' Haley Dec 21, 1889 Arkansas, died June 8, 1959 Gilroy, Santa Clara Co. California in an automobile accident, married Owen Parmer Shirley Dec 16, 1908. He was born Mar 2, 1884 AR and died Feb 15, 1956 Fresno, California  (my husband, Guy Shirley's, parents)

Harriett Aydelott Barnard raised Millie Kate. (Interesting... George Washington Barnard and an older son married sisters, Harriett and Sarah Adlot) 

Owen Parmer Shirley and Millie 'Kate' Johnson Haley


A. Lois Ollene Shirley Nov 22, 1909 d. Feb 19, 1939 (leakage of the heart) never married

B. Lynn Haley Shirley June 6, 1912 d. Aug 17, 1993 Fresno, CA

C. Lloyd Parmer Shirley July 23, 1914 d. August 24, 1993 Clovis, CA

D. Lera Maxine Shirley Mar 2, 1917 d. May 2, 1971 (cancer)

E. Lillian Opal Shirley July 28, 1919

F. Winford Blan Shirley Nov 17, 1921

G. Mildred Gertrude Shirley April 19, 1924 d. Dec 17, 2003 Richmond, CA

H. Ila Edwina Shirley July 15, 1926

I. Vernon Curtis Shirley Jan 3, 1929

J. Guy Murray Shirley  (my husband)