Moore surname


Richard Alec Moore born abt 1786 VA m. Nancy Ann Pathkiller, daughter of Chief Pathkiller. She changed her name to Princess Polly Ann Pathfinder when she married to hide from the Government.  


1. Andrew Jackson Moore born abt. 1804 TN, died Dec 1,1890 Lawrence Co. MO m. 1st. Nancy ___ d. 1860, m. 2nd Frances Kizzie Reed d. Mar 28, 1917 Lawrence Co. MO


(1). William M. Moore Feb 20, 1832 TN m. Ibby Gerringer  my great- grandparents. SEE GERRINGER INFO HERE (and photo of Ibby Gerringer) SEE WILLIAM MOORE'S DESCENDANTS BELOW.

(2). Caroline Moore Nov 1834 TN

(3). Andrew Moore Nov 9, 1837 Warren Co. TN d. Feb  16, 1926 Everton, Greene Co. Missouri m. 1st Martha Wallace Jan 8, 1861 Lawrence Co. MO d. May 1865 Lawrence Co. MO, m. 2nd Sarah Ann Gerringer Dec 30, 1868 Lawrence Co. MO. She died Mar 22, 1932 in Lawrenceberg, Lawrence Co. MO


A. Nancy Jane Moore born Oct 18, 1862  (daughter of Martha)  

B. Hannah Louisa Moore April 14, 1870 Lawrenceberg, Lawrence Co. MO d. April 3, 1958 Lawrence Co. MO

C. Lillie May Moore Sept 18, 1872 same d. Aug 2, 1961 Lawrence Co. MO

D. William Andrew Moore Aug 1, 1873 same d. Dec 17, 1962 Springfield, Lawrence Co. MO

E. Etta Elizabeth Moore Dec 25, 1876 d. Dec 20, 1938 

F. Mary Charlie Moore Dec 6, 1880 same d. June 1, 1968 Lawrence Co. MO m. William Robert Harrison 

(4). Samuel M. Moore m. Mary McCray July 3, 1864 Lawrence Co. MO she d. May 6, 1903 Lawrence Co. MO


A. Charles Moore abt 1865 MO

B. Samuel Frank Moore abt 1867 MO

C. James Newton Moore Dec 9, 1869 Mt. Vernon, Lawrence Co. MO m. Malta May Williams Oct 3, 1903 Lawrence Co. MO


(a). James M. Moore abt 1909

(b). Helen E. Moore abt 1912

D. Nancy Ann Moore May 1871

E. Norman L. Moore Feb 25, 1875 d. April 20, 1898

F. Elbert Moore Jul 1878

G. Mary L. Dec 1882

(5). Etta Elizabeth Moore

(6). Elizabeth Jane Moore Mar 16, 1860 Lawrence Co. MO

(7). John Thomas Moore Feb 2, 1863 Lawrence Co. MO

(8). James Franklin "Pete" Moore June 11, 1866 Lawrence Co. MO

Children: Known child, (had 8 or 9 children)

A. John Clearence Moore Aug 22, 1889 d. Dec 19, 1918 Drumright, OK  m. Tensy Isabell Call


(a). Herman Harrison Moore Oct 14, 1913 died Sept 11, 1975  

(b). Mildred Jessie Moore Mar 18, 1917 died Dec 24, 1918 (buried in the casket with her father)  Duncle Cemetery, Lawrenceburg, MO

(c). Herman Moore married Pansy Colleen Lewis


1. Wanda May Moore

2. Mary Ann Moore

3. Jimmy Ray Moore

4. Harvey Lynn Moore  (see contact info below) 

5. Roy Everette Moore

(9). Robert Andrew Moore Aug 3, 1869 Lawrence Co. MO

(10) Wesley Alexander Moore 1874 MO

2. Samuel A. Moore 1805-1856 d. Knox County, Tennessee

3. Alec Jackson 'Jack' Moore

4. Lucinda Moore

5. Nancy Moore

6. Rachel Tabitha Moore Mar 4, 1815 TN d. Mar 10, 1897 Camden, MO  m. John Calvin McGuire about 1834 White Co. TN. He was born Mar 4, 1812 Van Buren, Tennessee, d. Jun 9, 1885 Camden, Missouri. Both are buried in Decaturville  Cemetery, Camden Co. MO  (see blow contact info for descendant Cleo Moore)


(1). Jesse Calvin McGuire Mar 13, 1835 Spencer, White Co. TN

(2). William Jasper McGuire Feb 29, 1836 White Co. TN

(3). John Peter McGuire Jan 8, 1838 Camden Co. MO

(4). Samuel U. McGuire Feb _, 1839 Camden Co. MO

(5). Mary Jane McGuire Nov 20, 1840 Van Buren, TN

(6). Nancy N. McGuire 1844 Spencer, White Co. TN  

(7). James Andrew McGuire Feb 22, 1845 Van Buren, TN

(8). Lucinda McGuire Feb 1850 White Co. TN

(9). Nathaniel McGuire May 1852 Camden Co. MO

(10) George McGuire 1854 MO

(11) Joel McGuire Jan 1856

(12) Joseph Newton McGuire Jan 1856 MO

7. Polly Moore (Hollingsworth)

8. Martha Moore





  C. "Electra" CARTER

Betty Shirley  


Harvey Moore


William Moore listed above with his siblings and parents.

William "Billy" Moore Feb. 20, 1832 Tennessee, d. May 1910 Kinnison, Craig Co. Oklahoma, buried Summit Cemetery, Mt. Vernon, Lawrence Co. Missouri. He suffered from a broken hip.  He m. Ibby Jane Gerringer Jan 6, 1856. She was born July 18, 1835 Guilford Co. North Carolina, died Jan 1930 Welch Oklahoma, 96 years of age. Ibby was the daughter of  Daniel Gerringer. 


1. Mary Elizabeth Moore Jan 4, 1857 MO d. May 17, 1906, m. Martin Warren Sept 2, 1877. They lived Mt. Vernon, MO

2. Charles William Moore Feb 14, 1859 Lawrence Co. MO d. June 30, 1917, m. Susan J. Matthews Jan 11, 1880. She was born April 15, 1855, d. Aug 6, 1935 Mt. Vernon, MO.


(1). daughter Mar 15, 1880 d. April 4, 1881 Lawrence Co. MO

(2). Louisa M. Moore Sept 18, 1882 Lawrence Co. MO d. April 6, 1957 m. D. H. Walker  Dec 25, 1900

(3). Robert Nolan Moore Jan. 4, 1885 Lawrence Co. MO d. Sept 11, 1965 buried Summit Cemetery, Mt. Vernon, MO m. Fay Stearns June 3, 1906

Robert Nolan Moore


A. Veda Moore Feb 9, 1907 d. Feb 1, 1988 Lawrence Co. MO buried Summit Cemetery, m. Alfred Purselley July 25, 1925 (divorced)


(a). John Purselley   He is a Baptist Minister

B. Nova July 8, 1909 Lawrence Co. MO d. Aug 5, 1951 buried Summit Cemetery, m. 1st. Allan Bridges m. 2nd Hershel Garrison

C. Cleo M. Moore June 19, 1912 Lawrence Co. MO d. Aug 19, 1977 buried Summit Cemetery, m. 1st. Wesley Howard May 18, 1929, 2nd m. John H. Bridges June 2, 1905

D. Rex Delbert Moore Aug 14, 1925 m. Mae Ruth Page Jan 24, 1943

(4). Frederick Moore Dec 5, 1889 Lawrence Co. MO d. Nov 23, 1916 m. Maude Cameron Mar 8, 1911

(5). Frank Moore 1892 Lawrence Co. MO d. 1952 m. Della Barker Oct 6, 1913

(6). son  no info 

3. James Robert "Bob" Moore April 11, 1865 MO d. Mar 20, 1958, m. Mary Susie Goodin Dec 29, 1887 Mt. Vernon, MO. She was born May 14, 1869 Mt. Vernon MO, d. Oct 23, 1952.

Bob and Susie Moore 



(1). Bertha Jane Moore June 18, 1889 d. Aug 11, 1889

(2). Oda Lenora Moore Nov 8, 1891 d. May 5, 1936 m. Elmer Smith


A. Carl Smith

B. Little Clyde Smith d. age 5 years of Diphtheria

C. Clifford Smith d. of lung cancer

D. Harold Smith d. 1945 (he was on the ship USS Chicago which sank when Pearl Harbor was bombed)

(3). James Albert Moore Jan 25, 1893 d. Aug 28, 1916 m. Viola Turley. Jim was stabbed to death at church. Seems Jim discovered a neighbors still while he searching for his cow and was told to move it or he might be arrested. Later the fellow rode to the church and asked someone to get Jim Moore. He stepped behind the door and when Jim came out he stabbed him in the back. Jim was taken to a house nearby where he died a couople of days later. He was 24 years of age.

(4). Arthur Clyde Moore April 13, 1895 d. Feb 21, 1920 m. Donna Fitzgerald

(5). Ethel Gertrude Moore Sept 6, 1897 d. May 14, 1978 m. Verni Griffith


A. Melvin Griffith married Reva Broyler (4 children)

B. Ruby Griffith married George Broyler (1 son)

C. Marguerite Griffith married Eugene Miller  (1 daughter)

D. Lavenia Griffith married Nick Romiller (3 children)

E. Lena married Earl Griffith (no children)

(6). Eva Lena Moore Jan 16, 1900 d. Oct 29, 1976

(7). Grace Lorena Moore Mar 27, 1902 m. ___ Armstrong


A. Irma Armstrong m. ___ Polinasky

Irma Polinasky and Grace Armstrong

(8). William 'Bill' Moore Dec 13, 1903 married Lillie Shields (I spoke to him on Feb 14, 1993) 


A. John Moore (no children)

B. Wilma Moore married Dale Lynn (1 son)

C. Vernon Moore (1 son)

D. Betty Moore married Jim Kelsey (1 daughter)

E. Marvin Moore (1 daughter and 3 sons)

F. Linda Moore (not married)

Back row:  Marvin, Wilma, John, Betty, Linda

Front row:  Bill, Lillie and Vernon Moore 


(9). Minnie Elsie Moore Aug 22, 1906 d. Nov 8, 1911  diphtheria

(10) Freda Pearl MooreMay 26, 1909 Welch Oklahoma m. 1st Claude Shope May 24, 1928, died, (2 children) m. 2nd Carlos Erne, (no children)


A. Selma Shope married Gene Baeir

B. Claudine Shope married Charles Papen 

(11) Elmer Oren 'Sim' Moore April 26, 1911 d. July 27, 1960 m. 1st Elizabeth (unknown surname) (2 children), m. 2nd Bernadine Highsmith (4 children).


Elmer and Pearl Moore


Bob Moore Family

4. John A.or C. Moore Oct 27, 1867 MO  No Info (may have died young)

5. Martha 'Mattie' Jane Moore Jan 27, 1870 Lawrence Co. MO, d. Nov 6, 1965 Welch, OK  m. James L. McNelis Oct 23, 1889 Lawrence Co. MO who was b. Sept 8, 1865 Dade, MO d. Dec 31, 1941 Welch. OK of a stroke.

James McNelis and Martha Moore family 



(1). Emery J. McNelis Aug 6, 1890 Rogers District, Indian Territory, OK d. Mar 31, 1919 Welch, OK (no children)

(2). Zada McNelis Feb 20, 1892 Indian Territory (Mt. Vernon), d. 1962 Picher, OK heart attack, m. Mack Jones (2 children)

(3). Bessie McNelis  Oct 31,1893 Indian Territory (Mt. Vernon), OK d. April 1,1982 Miami, OK buried Rogers Cemetery, Welch, OK. Cause of death was cancer. She never married. Was a school teacher and school principal for 40 years.

(4). Lela Ellen McNelis Dec16, 1895 Kinnison, Indian Territory, OK, married Jim Corn d. Mar 7, 1985 Miami, OK. Cause of death was a stroke. She married James Abbott, (6 children)

(5). Ira Elbert 'Pat' McNelis Aug 19,1897 Kinnison, Indian Territory, OK d. Nov 11, 1980 Welch or Vinita OK, m. Opal Rogers (7 children)


A. Thelma Maxine McNelis m. __Webster


B. James Newton 'Jim' McNelis

C. Verla Imogene McNelis

D. William Eugene 'Bill' McNelis

E. Leslie Leland 'Bud' McNelis

F. Velma Pat McNelis

G. Jewel Deane 'Sally' McNelis

(6). Minnie Ina McNelis Jan 8, 1909 Indian Territory, (Welch) OK d. Mar 9, 1998 Wichita, Kansas  m. Mr. Harry Immich Oct 21, 1934 (I visited her in Kansas before we arrived in Oklahoma)

Minnie and Betty (Me)

(7). Leslie William McNelis (I spoke by phone to him on Feb 20, 1993 and met him in OK) d. March 25, 1995, m. Rena Loshbaugh   

Leslie and Rena McNelis


Leslie McNellis

(8). Cecil R. McNelis Nov 25, 1901 Kinnison, Indian Territory d. May 31, 1997 Tulsa OK m. Edna Mae Fox Sept 1926 (1 child)

(9). Annie Jewel McNelis  Jan 6, 1904 Welch, Indian Territory d. Dec 1, 1919 Welch, OK  Typhoid Fever

(10) Clinton Thomas McNelis Feb 12, 1906 Indian Territory, OK d. Jan 30, 1993 Aurora, Colorado, m. Opal Lee Miller

(11) (stillborn child)

(12) Wilma Gladys McNelis July 19, 1914 Welch, OK d. Nov 23, 1919 Welch, OK age 5 yrs  Typhoid Fever

6. George E. Moore Aug 25, 1873 Mt. Vernon, MO d. Nov 9, 1955 buried Walker Cemetery in Welch OK.  Cause of death was old age and cancer. He married Edna Glenn Knight.


(1). Georgia Ann Moore Aug 13, 1917 m. William Armstrong

Georgia Ann Armstrong


A. Shirley Ann Armstrong m. Fred Carpino (6 children)

B. Ronald Eugene Armstong (5 children)

C. Carol Sue Armstrong (2 children)

(2). Vallorus L. M. Moore Aug 19, 1919 m. Leoha Scholes (1 child)

(3). Harold Moore m. Rosey M. Bridges

Harold Moore

Rosey Moore


A. Glenda Sue Moore m. Boyd R. Vanover

B. Vickie Lynn Moore m. Mark E. Witten

C. George Lee Moore m. Mary E. Frantz

D. Jack Dale Moore m. Roberta G. Froman

E. Bobby Joe Moore m. Brenda L. Baird



NOTE:  Carl Moore Clevenger (below)  gave me this photo and said it was of the Moore brothers. Can anyone tell me their names?       


7. Benjamin F. Moore Aug 25, 1878 Mt. Vernon, St. Lawrence Co. MO d. 1967 Cherryvale, Kansas, buried in Walker Cemetery in Welch OK. He married 1st Clara Mae Scott. They divorced and he married 2nd Florence _?_ about 10 years before his death. It is said she took good care of him. They lived in Cherryville, Kansas. No children by 2nd marriage.

Florence and Benjamin Moore

photo from Marilyn Skelton


Benjamin Moore and Clara Scott 

(wedding picture)

Betty Shirley's grandparents 

If you have additional info or corrections please email me at 


(1). Carl (Moore) Clevenger 1901 (son of Benjamin Moore and Anna Stout. They did not marry). Carl took his step-father's name, Clevenger. He married Ethel ____, deceased.


A. Arlene (Moore) Clevenger

B. Pearl (Moore) Clevenger

C. Helen (Moore) Clevenger

D. Clyde (Moore) Clevenger

Betty (Me) and Carl (Moore) Clevenger in June 1993

(My half uncle)

(2). Delbert Leroy Moore July 16, 1912 Welch, OK (son of Clara Scott, 1st wife), died July 9, 1986 Reno, Nevada, m. 1st Bessie Bartholomew Feb 8, 1936 Stockton, California  (MY PARENTS). Divorced Oct 24, 1940 Santa Clara County CA. married 2nd  Luana Jean Beekman... see below!

He enlisted in the Army during World War II as a Private January 14, 1943 in Los Angeles, California, He was 194 pounds and 5feet 11 inches tall. He said he was divorced, with dependents. 

They had 3 children: 

A. Betty Mae Moore m. Guy Murray Shirley (5 children, 10 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren and many photo's of our family) 

children:   Photo's and more info on Delbert's page  

B. Nancy Carol Moore d. May 15, 1976 Jacksonville, FL (cancer) m. Marvin Robert Todd


A. Methune Ann Todd m. John Hiveley

No children

B. Douglas Robert Todd m. Linda ___ May 1989. 


1. Robert 'Bobby' Talmadge Todd 

2. Carol Lauren Todd

3. Amy Paige Todd

C. Jerry Moore (Wilcox, adopted) m. Louise Raczynski

He has no children. She has 2 by previous marriage.

D. Bobbie Lee born Aug 6, 1942 ( I think Jacky is a nickname for Bobbie Lee) 

No info is known as to who the mother of Jacky is. Photo says 1944 so I assume that is the year photo was taken. My mom and dad's divorce was final in Oct 1940.  Was he married between 1940 (after the divorce) and 1943 when Luana and he were married?  Does anyone have info? 


Jacky Moore


Delbert married 2nd Luana Jean Beekman of Maywood, CA Feb 14, 1944 Lynnwood, CA. They were married by William E. Pitcher, minister of the Christian Church. Her parents were Ralph Alvin Beekman and his wife Fredda Naomi Middlestetter. Luana was 20 years old and listed as a Comptometer Operator. Delbert was 31 years old and it says it is his 2nd marriage and he gives his father as Benjamin F. Moore born in Missouri and his mother as Clara Scott born in Illinois. He is a sergeant in the U.S. Army Air Corps.

Delbert was assigned to a Boeing B-17 bomber in the 8th Airforce stationed in England during WWII. He was a gunner in the top turret of a B-17 during a mission somewhere over Europe when he had 3 fingers shot off. It is thought the injury was from a bullet from a ME-109 German fighter plane. This qualified him for the Purple Heart award which I (Betty Shirley), have.     


E. Craig Alva Moore born Nov 24, 1945 Huntington Park, CA.

Photo's and more info on Delbert's page of this site.

F. Bobby Lee Moore (I don't know when he was born or who his mother was)


Summit Cemetery in Mt. Vernon, Missouri

My great grandfather buried on left back towards the trees

William Moore 1832-1910 Summit Cemetery, Mt. Vernon, Missouri 

Betty (me) placing flowers on my great grandfather's (Wm Moore) grave in Summit Cemetery

Grave of my great grandmother, wife of William Moore

Weather was bad when she died and they buried her in Walker Cemetery in Welch, Oklahoma because they couldn't take her to Summit Cemetery in Mt. Vernon Missouri


My grandfather, Benjamin Moore's, grave in Walker Cemetery in Welch, Oklahoma



Kansas above Oklahoma and Missouri to right of Oklahoma